I originally conducted this interview for my good buddies at FreedomSpark and it was originally published yesterday (1st July 2014).

Brighton-based duo GAPS fuse electronic and folk music in a way that allows the two genres to co-exist in tandem, creating luscious melodies that are intimate but ghostly, yet never cold. Comprised of old school-friends Rachel and Ed, the pair have been steadily working on new material. Here, the band talk about their percussive background and what’s to come from them in the not so distant future.

It’s no secret that both of you were once drummers in other bands. Do you think that being drummers has affected how you formed GAPS and the type of music you make?
Ed: We didn’t meet through drumming or decide to collaborate for that reason but inevitably it’s had an influence on the music. We share a common instinct for which rhythms to use and an appreciation of space. I think space is something that drummers and percussionists are perhaps more aware of than many. 
Rachel, your voice has been described as being like Vashti Bunyan and Anne Briggs. How does it feel to be compared to such iconic folk singers?
Rachel: Very strange! Vashti Bunyan in particular is someone I adore. Her music is magical. I guess when people are writing about new music they inevitably look for known reference points. It is lovely to be associated with these singers on any level. 
You’ve made your single ‘Belong’ available as a free download on Facebook. Are you believers in making music free or was it just a pleasant surprise for your fans?
Ed: Oooff. That’s a music industry question! We started doing this because we were excited about the music and we’ll continue doing it because we love it. I think everyone has the right to be paid for the work they do but quite where that revenue comes from is somewhat in flux right now. We just focus on the music to be honest. We’ve had a lot of people supporting us right from the start, so making ‘Belong’ a free download felt like a good way of saying thanks. 
Your Tumblr page shows you have a great interest in all aspects of culture from film to literature. What has been inspiring you at the minute?
Rachel: Ah yes, there is nothing better than finding something that resonates with you, whatever the medium.  I recently watched a documentary about Charles Bukowski’s life and have since been obsessing over his poetry and novels, currently engrossed in ‘Love is a dog from Hell’ and his novel, ‘Women.’  He is such a brilliant writer and character; brutally honest, outwardly savage but inwardly full of tenderness, and very funny. I love the way he sees beauty in the world but at the same time tells it how it is, no frills. 
When can we expect a GAPS album? 
That is the question! We’re hoping to release early next year… 
Thanks for chatting to us! 

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