REVIEW // Dinosaur Jr – Give A Glimpse Of What Yer Not (Jagjaguwar)


This article originally appeared in DIY

With a title like ‘Give A Glimpse of What Yer Not,’ you might expect Dinosaur Jr to be moving into unknown territory with their eleventh album. It’s not totally out of the question, especially considering that J Mascis’ last solo album in 2014 saw him turning down the volume. Really though, it’s probably an ironic title. Even on opener ‘Goin Down’ Mascis sings “I’ve got more of the same/ I’ve got more of who you know.” This is eleven tracks of Dinosaur Jr doing what Dinosaur Jr do best: fuzzy, classic rock.

Surprisingly though, despite sticking tightly to the well-worn formula none of the tracks here feel too similar. Sure, there’s a distinctive, driving, scuzzy quality to the opening trilogy of ‘Goin Down,’ ‘Tiny’ and ‘Be A Part’ but you never feel like you’re listening to the same song. The most euphoric instances come when Mascis just decides to shred. When he lets a thunderous guitar solo loose on ‘Good to Know’ it’s a genuinely thrilling moment. Elsewhere, ‘I Walk For Miles’ contains some grungy, heavy riffs that breaks up the fuzz nicely. Things do get quite plodding in the album’s second half, where everything becomes a little bit too one-paced. However, even here there are a few memorable moments, such as the hectic, clashing climax of ‘Knocked Around.’

If you’re not already a fan of Dinosaur Jr then there’s little here that will convert you. For those who enjoy their nostalgic licks, ‘Give A Glimpse of What Yer Not’ will be a pretty satisfying addition to your catalogue.


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