REVIEW // Binker and Moses – Journey To The Mountain Of Forever (Gearbox Records)

This article originally appeared in The Skinny

Summoning the spirit of John Coltrane, London sax-and-drums duo Binker and Moses invite the listener on a Journey to the Mountain of Forever on their new album, and you’d best strap yourself in for a ride. The follow-up to the duo’s award-winning debut Dem Ones is a sprawling adventure through jazz, built around an improvisational core but still managing to weave memorable, heady tunes from the free-flowing ideas.

Sometimes the effects of Binker Golding’s freewheeling tenor saxophone can be almost hallucinogenic, Intoxication From The Jahvmonishi Leaves in particular proving to be a breathless thrill-ride. On the likes of The Shaman’s Chant, Moses Boyd produces rolling drums that are trance-inducing, while at other times he adopts a funkier approach.

It’s not all mile-a-minute though. They avoid a full-on assault on the listener by switching up the tempo, toning things down with calypso vibes on Fete By The River. Meanwhile, the introduction of other musicians such as tabla player Sarathy Korwar and harpist Tori Handsley on the album’s second disc helps to add to the spiritual, cerebral tone while also keeping things fresh as our duo’s voyage reaches its end.

It might span fifteen tracks, but Journey To The Mountain Of Forever never feels like a monumental ordeal. Instead, it’s a stirring voyage with two of British jazz’s rising greats.


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