REVIEW // Miya Folick – Give It To Me EP (Terrible Records)

This article originally appeared in The Skinny

On her debut EP Strange Darling, Los Angeles-based Miya Folick began exploring the type of artist she wanted to me. It was sometimes spiky, sometimes more contemplative, combining driving alt-rock on the likes of I Got Drunk with slightly more folk-based tones on the title track.

Two years and two stand-alone singles later, Folick has returned with a new EP. Give It To Me captures the energy and ecstasy of her live performances, with Trouble Adjusting’s explosive burst into life heralding the arrival of a bolder, even more confident incarnation of the singer-songwriter. Whether it’s the guitar sweeps and rhythmic drums that lend a sense of mystery to Aging or the smattering of piano that lends a melancholy edge to Let’s Pretend, no two tracks feel overly similar.

That’s also down the vocal performances of Folick herself though. Through it all, she remains the most magnetic presence on the EP, simply demanding attention at every turn. Folick’s is an acrobatic voice, one that can move effortlessly from hushed to unbridled in a heartbeat; the title track is a superb demonstration of her talents, as she yelps and roars on the hook. She even manages to pull off a haunting version of Joni Mitchell’s Woodstock, often matching the soaring heights of the legend. Fittingly, Give It To Me is also the perfect foundation for Folick to build her own distinctive legacy.


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