REVIEW // Peggy Gou – Once EP (Ninja Tune)

This article originally appeared in The Skinny

Korean-born, Berlin-based producer Peggy Gou has spent the last couple of years blending together elements of house, disco and techno into her own distinctive style, yet there’s one thing that’s always been mostly absent from her work: her own voice. Until now.

With her new three-track EP Once, Gou puts her vocals on record for the first time. Despite floating across dancefloor-filling beats, cosmic synths and arpeggiated melodies, hers is a voice that deviates far from that of a typical house diva. Instead, she delivers nonchalant and languid vocals that are still melodious and memorable, particularly on It Makes You Forget (Itgehane). This adds a dream-like quality to her already layered and deeply-textured work.

Her voice is far from the only striking element of Once though. Attempting to capture varying styles and drawing on 90s house, African music and much in-between, Gou creates a landscape that’s both cerebral and party-ready. It’s a sleek fusion where she can combine seemingly differing moods with ease. On Hundred Times, bouncy melodies sit atop propulsive beats and classic, snapping handclaps, but they’re also sometimes joined by ambient waves that never feel jarring. Once is music for the head as well as the feet, making it as perfect for burying into with headphones as it is for dancing to in the club.


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